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Preparing For Your Audition

Auditions take approximately 20 minutes per person. Candidates should be prepared to sing a variety of short vocal exercises to display their range, tone quality, technique and ear training. In addition they should prepare to sing their respective voice parts in the following pieces and be prepared to sight read one SATB selection.

  • El Grillo  by Josquin Desprez (PDF here)
  • "Herr lehre doch mich" from Ein deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms, measures 173-end (PDF here)

You'll need the free Adobe Reader to view these documents. The Adobe Reader is available at .

Here are some suggested notes to make for yourself:

v Other parts that are in unison
v Tricky counting – don’t be afraid to write “1+2+3 4” when you need to
Notes in another part that will help you find your pitch for an entrance
Dynamic and tempo reminders

Even if you mess up during the audition (we all do!) these marked-up parts will show you’ve made an effort to prepare.

Why such an emphasis on preparation? One reason is to maximize your success during your audition, but a larger reason is that, during the concert season, members of the Cascadian Chorale are expected to prepare much of their music at home, working on rhythms, dynamics, and words, and making an attempt at learning pitches in relationship to other parts. Rehearsal time is meant to perfect and polish what members have learned, to the best of their ability, on their own. This is not meant to be a daunting task, but one that will help you as an individual become a better singer, which in turn will benefit the whole Chorale and make music-making that much more fun.

Our members vary in skill, and we pride ourselves on being a teaching choir where singers learn from each other. For example, the computer-savvy among us often provide MIDI files or other sound files containing recordings of the music or pronunciations of foreign languages. Additionally, you’ll be encouraged to mark your music to indicate dynamics and musical expression. Our Membership Coordinator and Director are also happy to assist singers with additional resources as necessary.

We encourage you to contact us with questions and other ideas you may have for preparing these audition pieces. That’s the way the Chorale works, and we hope you’ll participate.

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