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Frequently Asked Question

  • Where do I buy tickets?
    Cascadian Chorale only sells tickets online or at the door. Please click "Purchase Tickets" button on our website or to purchase tickets. Tickets are $5 more at the door, so buy online at least one day ahead to get the discounted tickets.
  • Do I need to bring a print out of the tickets I purchased?
    No, we will have a list of everyone’s name at the ticket booth. Just let them know your name and they should have everything there.
  • What payments are accepted?
    Digital options are accepted online. Card, personal check, or cash is accepted at the door.
  • What if I want to buy tickets for someone else?
    Go through the ticket purchasing process as usual. After you put in your credit card information and click purchase, you’re taken to a page on which you can put in the attendees’ names. There’s a button immediately to the left of “download ticket” called “Add Attendee Info”. Click that button and enter the names of the attendees.
  • What is your masking policy?
    Masks are optional for everyone, audience and choir members alike.
  • Is there a dress code for the audience?
    No, come comfortable.
  • How long is your typical concert?
    Approximately 1.5 hours, including intermission.
  • I bought a ticket for Saturday’s performance but I wish to attend on Sunday instead, can I make the change?
    Yes, you may switch the day of the ticket(s) for the same concert. Please contact Cascadian chorale at no later than the day before the first concert day.
  • What is your recording policy? (i.e. Can I record you on my cell phone?)
    We ask that you not disturb other members of the audience.
  • Can I buy a recording or find it after the concert online?
    We do record our concerts and post parts (if not all) of it online after the concert series is done. You can find past concert recordings at or
  • How do I donate to the choir?
    Please visit .
  • Are there ways to be involved with the choir other than donations?
    Yes! We can always use helping hands. There are many ways to help our community, for example, our ushers are volunteers who get to see the show for free! If you’d like to get involved, please contact
  • On the Program Archives page, I cannot open the concert program link, is that a known problem?
    If you're accessing the Program Archives page using Safari on your mobile device and cannot open a program link, you will need to visit our website using Private Browsing. When accessible, please use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
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